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Since May 06, 2003
last up date: October 27, 2005


 This is an unofficial site dedicated to the designs, model kits and other material related to the work of Japanese artist / model maker Makoto Kobayashi.

Disclaimer: Any photos or sketches included in this site are property of Mr.Makoto Kobayashi, and are for your reference only.

October 27, 2005
More Dorvack designs from Gunze´s Hyper Document
May 12, 2005
New up date! More scans from the new Kobayashi book:
May 02, 2005
Major up date! First scans from the new Kobayashi book:
December 21, 2004
Added new AS Wars images
December 19, 2004
Check Koba´s fantastic Future Tanks!

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