The Art of Makoto Kobayashi

Hyper Dorvack Document

- Dorvack Document
- Last Exile
- Hyperweapon
- Hyperweapon2
- AS Wars 1988
- AS Wars 1989
- AS Wars 1990
- Future Tanks
- Two Factory
- Dragonīs Heaven
- Earth Defenders
- Giant Robo
- Venus Wars
- The-O
- Neo-Geo
- Bound-Doc
- Mobile Suits
- Dorvack
- Misc. Designs
- Samurai 7
- Super Atragon

īThe Hyper Dorvack Document were a series of eight approx. 11 x 14 inch (approx. 25x 35cm) prints that were sent by Gunze-Sangyo to hobby stores back in 1983 to promote the Dorvack models. The prints had one of the colour photos on one side, and the line art on the other side. No other text or information was included. They were sent in a brown envelope, with the line-art of the Hyper-Dunc on the cover`
Text and images all courtesy of Mr.Ian Raymond